Sony AV-3400 Scanner Motor Troubleshooting – Part 1

I recently bought a Sony AV-3400 Portapak setup, which includes the portable AV-3400 video tape recorder, AVC-3450 black and white Vidicon camera, and an AC-3400 AC power supply. The decision to buy one was mostly based on curiosity and “nostalgia” for a device that was so revolutionary in the world

My Time as a Signal Culture Toolmaker in Residence

I recently was selected for a Toolmaker in Residence position at Signal Culture for the Spring/Summer 2018 season. Essentially, this experience allowed me time, space, and resources to focus on a technical project, while sharing a living space with another artist! You could argue that I could’ve done this project

Using Arduino IRremote to control Philips DVP3340V DVD/VCR Player

Previously, I demonstrated the basic functionality of Ken Shirriff’s Arduino-IRremote library by controlling the Freeze Frame function of my security recorder. This was relatively easy to accomplish with the provided examples and by having access to the remote I wished to emulate. However, I have 2 thrifted VCRs that did not come

Arduino-based IR controller

  This project is an exploration of Ken Shirriff’s Arduino-IRremote library. My initial goals with this Arduino library were: Receive and document the hexadecimal infrared codes corresponding to remote button presses Manually transmit infrared codes to activate various device functions Use motion detection functionality to trigger device functions The breadboard

Motion Sensor logic mod for Ambery Security Camera Switcher

  The goal of this project was to modify this Ambery 4-channel security switcher by replacing the internal piezo buzzer — activated by motion sensor logic — with a 5V logic output signal. I previously used this device as a 4-channel video switch for performance applications, as a cheap way

LZX Cadet-based Scan Processor

This scan processor is my headlong leap into DIY video electronics; it is comprised of several LZX Cadet video synthesizer modules. Vector patches are some of the more fun yet mentally stimulating patches to create, and I wanted to build a standalone system to free up other modules in my

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